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Getting Started

Getting started with Mojo Helpdesk  

  • How do I add users and support staff?

    In the 'Manage' tab, select 'users', then choose 'new'. You can select the role of the user when creating it. Choose 'user' for those that will only be submitting tickets and viewing the tickets they submit.  Choose a "technician, manager or admin" role for those that will be agents (staff working on tickets). 

    If you want your regular users (ticket submitters) to register themselves, go to Manage> All Settings> Configure Mojo Helpdesk. Set the "Allow unregistered users to create tickets?" to 'yes' and users will be able to create an account in your helpdesk when they submit their first ticket.  

    If you are worried about spam, you can set "Guest Request" confirmation required to "yes". This will force the ticket in a pending state, until the user that created it or an agent confirms that it can become a ticket. (Tickets in this pending state are called "Guest Requests", and can be viewed by going to: Unassigned Tickets> Guest Requests (small tab near the top of the page). 

  • How do I add, delete or rename ticket queues?
    In the 'Manage' tab, choose 'ticket queues'. Before deleting a queue, you will be prompted to move its existing tickets to another queue so you don't lose them.
  • What does a user see in terms of interface / tabs?
    The user without privileges sees only the 'new ticket' and 'my tickets' tabs.
  • When do we receive email ticket notifications?

    Mojo Helpdesk will send an email to the appropriate parties in a smart way. The ticket submitter (commonly refered as the 'user' in Mojo Helpdesk) receives an email confirmation of the ticket creation and the support staff receives notification of a new ticket. After this, only the party who needs to act receives an email notification. Additionally, the user receives an email when there is a message added to the ticket.

  • Can I or the ticket submitter reply to the email notifications?
    No. Mojo Helpdesk sends emails for information only. All users need to login to add / answer or work on tickets.
  • What is the difference between a technician and a manager? Can I change user roles easily?
    Usually a technician can deal only with tickets. A manager can add technicians and users. You can change user roles very easily by editing their profile from the 'Manage' tab.
  • How do I customize my web page header?
    The account owner can customize the helpdesk name and tag line that appear in the header from the 'Manage' tab.
  • If I downgrade do I lose my money?
    When you downgrade your account we credit your account. The credit is used against the following month's fee.
  • If I subscribe to a paying plan during the trial period, when do I get charged?

    We will authorize the card when you add billing information, but you will not be charged until the trial end date.