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Access your Mojo Number from Google Personalized Homepage

The Google Gadget allows you to monitor your Mojo rating from your Google Personalized Homepage.

Using the Google Gadget you can keep track of your customer's satisfaction without having to login to your Helpdesk.

If you are the owner of a Helpdesk you can add multiple instances of the Gadget to your Google Personalized Homepage and monitor your technician's satisfaction ratings.


Get your Mojo Number on your desktop with Yahoo! widget

By using the Yahoo! Widget, you can be kept up to date with your customer's satisfaction without having to login to your Helpdesk.
You don't even need to have a web browser open!


How To: Your Mojo Number in Your Google Personalized Homepage

You can keep track of your Mojo number on your Google Personalized Homepage using our Google Gadget.

Get Your Access Key from your Helpdesk user profile.

Install the Gadget on your Google Personalized Homepage

Click on the "Add to Google" button located in your "My Mojo" page (to go there - click on "My Mojo" link on the under Mojo star) and follow the instructions.

Configure your gadget

From your Personalized Google Homepage, in Mojo Helpdesk gadget you should see an input box prompting you for an Access Key. Enter your Access Key and save.

You now have Mojo number available anytime you are logged into your Google Personalized Homepage. 


How To: Your Mojo number with a Yahoo Widget

You can keep track of you Mojo number using the Yahoo Desktop WidgetEngine.

Download and install the Yahoo Widget Engine

Go to and follow the instructions.

Next, install the Mojo Widget

Download  the Mojo Helpdesk Widget from Yahoo:
A prompt will appear asking you if you want to trust the Yahoo Widget.
Select "Use Widget"

Configure the Yahoo Widget

Right click on the newly installed widget and select "Widget Preferences".
In the dialog box there will be two inputs for "Domain" and "Access Key"
  • In the "Domain" field enter the URL that you use to access your Helpdesk via the web. For example if you access your site by visiting:, then enter ""
  • Enter your access key and save. Your access key can be found in your Mojo Helpdesk user profile.
You now have your Mojo number on your desktop.