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Access Rights To Queues And Tickets

Access Rights To Ticket And Queues  

  • How to limit company or ticket submitters access to certain queues?
    Ticket submitters (typically your customers) can only access the queues their company has access to. The Queue Access Right management screen is located in the manage menu. From there you can change the access rights. By default, companies have access to all queues.
  • Could some users see all tickets in their company?

    By default users can only see tickets they created. It is sometimes necessary to give some users access to all their company tickets, i.e. tickets that are created by other users in the same company. Typically only customer team managers may have company access.

    To set this up, first enable the option company access in helpdesk settings. Then edit the user profile of the person who should have company access and check enable company access. Once saved, the user will see a tab labeled My Company in the customer portal. This tab displays all tickets of the current user's company.