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Time Tracking

Time Tracking  

Allows tracking the time your technicians spend on each ticket. It is available on the Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans only.

  • Where do we enter the time?

    Each time a technician adds a comment to a ticket, s/he has the option to enter the time spent on the ticket. Typically a technician will add several comments and input some time spent on a ticket several times.

  • How do I correct the time spent on a ticket?

    Just add a comment and enter a negative value (e.g. –60) and it will be subtracted from the total. In the comment body, enter the reason why you need to correct the time.

  • How do I compile time reports per techs and customers?

    Mojo Helpdesk provides many reports such as time spent per queue, tech and customer. They are located in the report menu.

  • Can I change the time unit?

    Yes. By default Mojo Helpdesk uses minute as the unit. This can be changed to hour. The helpdesk "owner" or "admin" can change the unit at:

    • Manage > Configure more things > Configure Mojo Helpdesk > Change

    Time values are automatically adjusted if the unit is changed.   

  • What is the timer and how do I use it?

    The timer acts as a stop watch. It helps agents track the time they spend on their ticket. When you start working on a ticket you can start the timer and when done stop it and click the arrow to copy the timer value into the 'time spent' field. If you set the auto-start option, the timer will start automatically each time you load the ticket's page. Warning: if you leave the page while the timer is running you will lose the time value.