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Ticket Statuses

Status Overview  

A ticket can have any status listed in the table below. For naming convenience we created status groups, namely the open status group and resolved one so we can easily refer to tickets that still need work (open) and those which don't (resolved).


Status Group  Ticket Status 
 Open New 
In progress 
Information requested 
 Resolved Solved 


Ticket Statuses Explained  


The ticket has just been created and has not been assigned yet. Nobody is working on it at this point.


The ticket has been assigned to a technician. The technician has not started working on it. 

In progress

A technician is working on this ticket.

Information requested

The technician requested some information to the ticket submitter. The technician may not work on the ticket until s/he gets an answer. 


The ticket is waiting for an event to happen. No work is being do on the ticket issue.


The technician has proposed a solution to the ticket submitter. The technician will wait for the user to close the ticket or add new feedback.  When providing a solution to the problem, a technician should always use the 'solve' status and NOT the 'close' status since the 'close' status prevents any other operations on the ticket, including rating it.

A solved ticket will become closed when a submitter closes it by rating it or will go back to the 'working' status if the ticket submitter adds a comment to it. 


The ticket is closed and no more work on this ticket is required. The ticket creator cannot rate the ticket at this point. When providing a solution, the technician should not close the ticket but use the 'solve' status instead since the 'solve' status allows the ticket creator to rate the ticket.

Therefore and as a recap for those who were not listening, the technician should always use the 'solve' status when providing a solution to the end user.

Why should techs use 'solved' v.s. closed status?

The solved status allows ticket submitters to add feedback and close tickets if they are satisfied. During the closing process Mojo allows them to rate the ticket. The closed status is a definitive hang-up. Once closed a ticket cannot have new comments.

Status Groups


 Open tickets are tickets that are not resolved and there is still work to do before a solution is found. It includes the following statuses: new, assigned, hold, information requested, working.


Resolved tickets include "solved" and "closed" tickets. No work needs to be performed on these tickets.