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Ticket Custom Fields

Customizing Your Ticket Form With Custom Fields  

Mojo Helpdesk supports adding fields to the ticket form. These are called custom fields. Custom field input can be either mandatory or optional.

Adding a custom field

Custom fields can be added from the manage menu. Manage> All Settings> Ticket Form.  You can chose the type of field you want to add to the form (drop-down, text, numeric, decimal, etc.) and and any custom field name can be chosen (e.g. Location, Serial Number). Custom fields can be made visible to all or only the helpdesk staff. 

Custom field values are also available when using Mojo Helpdesk API. 

Making the custom field input mandatory

When a mandatory custom field is created, a value must be entered to populate all the existing tickets. For new tickets, Mojo Helpdesk will enforce the presence of a value when a user submits a new ticket.

Deleting a custom field

Once a custom field is deleted, all values are deleted. This is not reversible.