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The Mojo Number

The Mojo Number FAQs  

  • Can you tell me about the mojo numbers?

    The mojo number reflects user satisfaction. When users rate tickets, 1 to 5 stars is awarded for the ticket. Each star counts for 20 points. A Mojo number ranges between 20 and 100 resulting from the calculation of the average rating of a set of tickets.  So, a Mojo score of 80 means that the average rating is 4 stars. Mojo numbers are provided to 'objects' such as the support staff and ticket queues.  The higher the mojo number the better.


    • Joe is a technician and has a mojo of 90: good mojo (avg rating is 4.5 stars)
    • Phil is a junior technician and his mojo is at 50: bad mojo (avg of 2.5 stars)
    • The email ticket queue has a mojo of 90: your customers are very happy with the way you handle their tickets regarding email problems.
    • The hosting queue has a mojo of 33: your customers are very unsatisfied with the way you handle their hosting tickets.
  • Since a mojo number is an average of ticket ratings, how many tickets do you include in a mojo calculation?

    We include the last 30 tickets.

  • What is the difference between a mojo number and a ticket rating?

    It's simple: When a user closes a ticket, they have a chance to provide feedback on the service they received.  The feedback options range from "unsatisfied" to "great job".  Mojo will award a rating of 1 to 5 stars based on the user's feedback:  

    Unsatisfied= 1 star

    Below Average= 2 stars 

    Works for me = 3 stars

    Well done = 4 stars

    Great job = 5 stars 

    The stars on the ticket are the "ticket ratings". 



    The ticket ratings are calculated to provide an average between 20 and 100. This number (or score) is the Mojo Number.