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Closing & suspending a helpdesk

Suspension FAQs  

  • Why would my helpdesk be suspended?

    A helpdesk can be suspended for one of the following reasons:

    • Helpdesk owner closes the helpdesk.
    • Payment is more than a week past due.
    • Terms of service have been violated.
  • What happens when a helpdesk is suspended?
    When a helpdesk is suspended, users are not allowed to access the helpdesk. The account owner is permitted limited access. And, of course, billing stops (but any account balance due remains).

    The owner will be able to access information that was entered prior to suspension. The owner also will be able to manage billing information, and pay off any remaining account balance.
  • Can I reopen a suspended helpdesk?

    In many cases, yes, the helpdesk owner can restore helpdesk services.

    If the helpdesk was suspended because the owner chose to close it, it can be reactivated simply by logging in and selecting: Manage » Helpdesk Plan » select a plan

    If the helpdesk was suspended due to a past due balance, simply log in and select: Manage » Account Billing » Pay Balance

    If, however, the helpdesk was suspended due to a violation of the terms of service then, no, service cannot be restored.

  • How do I close my helpdesk?
    The helpdesk owner can close a helpdesk from the manage menu. The billing stops at the closing date. Closing a helpdesk does not delete its tickets nor its users. It just prevents anybody to login and to use the helpdesk. The owner can re-open a closed helpdesk at anytime from the manage menu.