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Service Levels (SLAs)

Service Level Agreements (SLA)  

It is a very simple and quick way to measure your customer satisfaction and tech support response time. With the SLA reports, there is no guessing: you measure your performance with numbers.

Example above showing the tech support team exceeding their goal of 70% for same-day ticket resolution.

Measuring customer satisfaction

You can set an SLA to measure customer satisfaction. For example you can measure that your customers rate your technician answers more than 4 stars 80% of the time.

Measuring response time

Support organizations like to measure the time to assign a ticket and the time to resolve it. For example: 90% of all tickets need to be assigned within 1h and resolved within 3 days.

You can also incentivize your support team to resolve tickets as fast as possible: 80% of all tickets should be resolved within 1 day.

Active / inactive SLAs

You can choose to show or hide an SLA from the report menu by making it active or inactive. 


You can define several SLAs based on your company metrics. Go to the report page to run them.