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Security FAQs  

  • Can other people see my helpdesk? Who can see the tickets?
    Your helpdesk data is safe. Only logged in support staff can see the tickets, and users (your customers submitting tickets) can only see their own tickets.
  • When I log in, is my password encrypted?
    Yes, all passwords and credit card information are sent encrypted over the network.
  • Is it possible to encrypt ALL information going over the network?
    Yes, it is possible with the business plan and above. For these plans, all data is encrypted using a 256-bit key prior to being sent over the Internet.
  • Are users' actions logged?

    Mojo Helpdesk tracks user actions in a event log. Destructive actions such as ticket deletion are logged with the original content of the object that is being deleted. Event log retention policy varies based on the plan you subscribe to.