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Importing Tickets

Keep the following in mind when importing tickets:

  • You can import up to 3000 tickets at a time.
  • Importing tickets will create new tickets with new ticket id's. 
  • File must be saved in CSV (comma separated values) format to import.
  • Only this ticket information will import:
    • Legacy ID
    • Creator's Email
    • Assignee's Email
    • Title
    • Description
    • Status
    • Priority
    • Queue
    • any custom field enabled on the ticket form.

Setting up the CSV file and matching fields:

  • In order for the ticket fields to import, the fields must first be enabled on the ticket form.
  • Any field required on the ticket form is mandatory on import as well, i.e. title, description.
  • Creator's and assignee's emails should include only the email address (without a name) - i.e.
  • Creator's email field is mandatory, otherwise the ticket will not import.
  • If creator's email is not of an existing user, then the ticket will not be imported.
  • If assignee's email is mapped to a user which is not a tech, then the ticket will be imported unassigned.
  • If there is a ticket queue to be matched and there is no ticket queue with that name, then a new ticket queue will be created and the ticket will be placed in it.
  • If the ticket queue limit is reached, then the ticket either will be placed in queue 'Support' or (if 'Support' queue doesn't exist) in the first found queue.
  • Legacy ID is the old id of the ticket. All imported tickets will get new ticket ID.
  • Status and Priority must be entered as numerical values to import.  Use the table below when entering status and priority information in your CSV file.
  • If the status is left blank it will default to either a “new” or “assigned” status depending on whether or not an assignee’s email is present.
  • If the priority is left blank, it will default to a “normal” status on import.

Status Values

Priority Values

New= 10**

Assigned= 15**

In Progress= 20

Hold= 30

Info Requested= 40

Solved= 50

Closed= 60


**Default= New or Assigned

Emergency= 10

Urgent=  20

Normal= 30**

Low= 40





**Default= Normal