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Guest Requests (unregistered users)

Guest Request  

Guest requests are ticket requests created by unregistered users. They become real tickets once they are confirmed by their creators or by an internal staff member. Once confirmed, the guest creator becomes a helpdesk user and can login to the helpdesk to add comments to the ticket or check the status of current tickets. 

The guest request ticket form is located at:



Guest Requests FAQs  

  • Can I have the form to create a ticket on my own website?

    Mojo Helpdesk has a form widget you can place on your website.  Manage> All Settings> Form Widget

    If you want to use the helpdesk ticket form we recommend using a link to the helpdesk portal or use an IFRAME and have the helpdesk form display in it.  As an alternative you can copy the form (the HTML) and paste it in your web page. This solution is a great one but the HTML will need to be updated if you use or change custom ticket fields (since the form fields change). Remember that you'll need to enable 'guest requests' in your helpdesk settings to allow unregistered users to submit tickets.

  • How do I enable or disable guest requests?

    The helpdesk owner can change the helpdesk settings in the manage menu: Manage> All Settings> Configure Mojo Helpdesk. When disabled, only registered users can submit tickets. 

  • How is spam and abuse prevented?
    Guest requests needs to be confirmed before they become tickets. The confirmation is done by the creator when clicking in a link emailed by the helpdesk. This guaranties the identity of the creator.

    In case of abuse, a user can be disabled in order to prevent new ticket creation.

  • How can I see unconfirmed guest request and approve them for my customers?
    You can use the 'guest requests' link in the 'unassigned tickets' tab and review the pending requests. You can also accept pending ones.
  • Can a unregistered user email the help desk?

    Yes. Depending on your help desk settings, unregistered users will be able to create a ticket by emailing the helpdesk. Users are usually required to confirm their requests (to avoid spam) by clicking on a link they get in the confirmation email they receive. The confirmation email setting can be turned on and off in the help desk settings.