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Google Apps Integration

  • Does Google Apps integration cost extra?

    No, it's available at no additional cost.

  • How to associate your Google hosted domain with Mojo?

    Whether you want to associate an existing helpdesk or you want to create a new helpdesk and associate it with your Google Apps domain, you can do that by finding Mojo Helpdesk in the Google Apps Marketplace, click on the "Add it now" button, and follow the process. 


    When making the association with a new helpdesk, Mojo will create you as the helpdesk "owner" with your Google Apps email address.

    To make the association with an existing helpdesk, you must be an admin in Google Apps and also an "admin" or "owner" in Mojo Helpdesk with the same email address as your Google Apps admin address.  

    If your Google Apps domain also has domain aliases in place, Mojo will only recognize the primary domain when making the association; whether creating a new helpdesk or associating with an existing helpdesk.  This means the admin or owner roles in Mojo will need to be registered with the Google Apps primary domain (not the domain alias).  Also, any staff using the integration will need to be registered in Mojo with the primary domain.  

  • How to break the association?

    If you already associated Mojo Helpdesk account with your Google Apps domain, but want to remove that association, you have to do 2 things:

    1. Login to your Mojo account, go to Manage -> All settings -> Configure Mojo Helpdesk -> find 'Google Apps domain', click on the remove link next to it and follow the process.
    2. Login to your Google Apps account as admin user, go to your Dashboard, click on Mojo Helpdesk application, then click on the link next to 'Delete application'.
  • How to restore broken association?

    There are two cases:

    1. The association was removed on Mojo side (from the manage->All settings->Configure Mojo Helpdesk screen), but the Mojo application is still installed into your Google Apps domain. In this case, when the Google Apps users click on the the Mojo link they have, they will see a message stating that the domain name is not associated with any helpdesk yet. Here is what to do in order to restore (re-associate) that domain name:
      1. Login to your Google Apps domain as admin user.
      2. Go to your Dashboard and click on Mojo Helpdesk application link.
      3. Click on 'Additional setup' link (next to 'Additional settings').
      4. On the association screen select your helpdesk and click on 'associate my helpdesk ...' button. 
    2. The Mojo Helpdesk application was removed from your Google Apps domain, but your Mojo account stays associated with that domain name. To restore the association, do the following:
      1. Login to your Mojo helpdesk account.
      2. Go to manage->All settings->Configure Mojo Helpdesk, and click on remove link next to Google Apps domain. Follow the process.
      3. Go to Google Marketplace and add Mojo Helpdesk to your domain name.