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Email Notifications

Email Notifications FAQs  

  • What is transmitted in the email notification and is the information secure?

    Email notifications always include ticket title, who created it, and links to the ticket. If the helpdesk owner enables the "include ticket content in email" helpdesk setting, then the notifications also will include the ticket description and added comment.

    Since these emails are transmitted unencrypted over the public Internet, the information in the notifications is subject to exposure. To minimize this risk, disable the "include ticket content" setting.

  • Can I change an email template?

    Yes, you can customize numerous email templates. Go to Manage -> Configure Emails, and scroll down to "Email templates" section.

  • Can I prevent email notification?
    Yes, just uncheck the 'send email notification' box before you save a ticket modification.
  • Why are ticket notifications sent from the email address of the helpdesk owner?
    Ticket notifications are sent so that users cannot reply to the email, but delivery errors are directed to the helpdesk owner. This ensures that users log into the helpdesk to access or update their tickets. It also ensures that the helpdesk owner is notified of any email delivery problems, and can remedy any address errors.
  • Is Mojo Helpdesk compatible with Sender Policy Framework (SPF) email?

    Yes, but only if you get your domain administrator to update the SPF record.

    The Sender Policy Framework is a controversial technique for validating the source of email. If you enable SPF for your domain, you are declaring which mail servers are authorized to generate email on behalf of your domain. If you are the helpdesk owner and your domain publishes an SPF record for your email address, then you are going to have to add as a host authorized to send email for your domain.

    If you fail to do this, your ticket notification emails will be rejected.

    Here is a web site with general information on SPF:

    Here is a web site that identifies some of the significant flaws with SPF:

  • Can I specify which staff is notified when a new ticket is created?
    Yes. This is available in the 'manage' menu under 'Ticket creation email notifications'.
  • Why do I receive to 2 email notifications when a ticket is entered?
    The ticket submitter will receive one notification and the tech staff one as well. So if you are a tech staff and you create a ticket, you get 2 emails.
  • Can I disable all email notifications for a user?

    Yes, it is possible. If the user is not a technician (means it is regular user), you can use the option "Do not email ever?" in the user's profile.