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Creating Tickets From Email

Creating Tickets From Email FAQs  

  • Can we create tickets from emails? Is email round-trip possible?
    Yes. All paying plans have this feature. Users can create a ticket by email and reply to a ticket comment from email as well. The site owner can configure this in the helpdesk settings screen.
  • How do I setup the email-to-ticket creation feature?
    You can turn this feature on and off from the helpdesk settings or the ticket queue page. When turning it on you will be able to choose the ticket queue that receives the emails and assign them an email address of your choice.
  • What email address is used to create tickets? Can I use multiple email addresses?

    Each queue can have an email address so you can 'email a queue'! You can choose any email address you wish by editing the queue.

  • What about users that are not registered with my site?
    If "Guest Requests" setting is enabled in your Helpdesk settings, then a guest request will be created which means that a technician will need to approve the ticket and the user account creation. However if Guest Requests are not enabled, the user will immediately receive a rejection letter informing them that the feature is disabled.
  • I would like to use instead of, is it possible?
    1. The Enterprise and Enterprise Plus plans allow the use of a site domain name of your choice (like or, so you can have it your way (like
    2. IF you don't have the Enterprise or Enterprise Plus plans then you will need to create an email forwarding rule in your mail server to map to forward all mails to or other queue address. You can also add a helpdesk queue address ( to a Google group in Google Apps. 
  • Why emails sent to the help desk are not appearing as new tickets?

    Emails sent to the helpdesk should appear as unassigned tickets in the help desk. If they don't, check the following:

    • In Manage > Configure Emails, make sure Email Handling is enabled.
    • If you allow unregistered users to create tickets please check the "guest requests" tab in the "Unassigned Ticket" list for pending tickets. 
    • If you have set up a forwarding rule in your email client, be sure the forward is set up properly and is forwarding to a Mojo queue address that you have previously set up.