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Branding Your Helpdesk

Branding Your Helpdesk  

  • What can I do to customize the appearance of my helpdesk?

    Agents with appropriate priviledges may customize the appearance of their helpdesk by selecting:

    Manage » Configure Mojo Helpdesk » Change

    You can:

    • Add a Helpdesk Name that is displayed at the top of the page. Otherwise, the Organization Name is displayed.
    • Add a Helpdesk Tag Line 
    • Upload your logo 
    • Edit all email templates
    • Edit the customer portal content
    • Domain Branding is available when you subscribe to the Enterprise or Enterprise Plus plan.
  • What are the branding features available to Enterprise level subscribers?

    The branding allows you to change the helpdesk domain to make it your own: 

    • Custom domain: use instead of
  • How do I add a logo to my helpdesk?

    You can add a logo image to personalize your helpdesk. The logo is displayed in the sidebar of the user view (but not the technician's view), and at the top of the page for most other screens (such as the "login" screen).

    The account manager can upload a logo image from the "Edit Account Profile" screen. The logo can be no larger than 170 pixels wide by 70 pixels high. GIF, PNG, and JPEG formats are supported.

  • How do I customize the page footer?

    Go to Manage> All Settings> Configure Mojo Heldpesk> Change> Customer Portal> Footer. 

    If you leave it blank a default Mojo Helpdesk footer will appear at the bottom of every web page.

    You can use HTML markup in the footer. You also can simple markup like this:

    • _italic_ → italic
    • *bold* → bold
    • "Google": → Google

    This simple formatting style is called "Textile." Here is a quick reference.

  • How do I brand the helpdesk with my domain name?

    If you have subscribed to the Enterprise or Enterprise Plus plan, you can put your helpdesk under your existing domain, like

    You can set your domain name by going to Manage -> Configure Mojo Helpdesk screen. Before changing the domain name field, make sure you have proper CNAME record pointing to For example if your domain is, and you want your helpdesk domain name to be, add the following CNAME record for

    support IN CNAME

    In case you are setting up custom domain name and you want to use SSL on all of your helpdesk pages, you have to install your own SSL certificate on our server. To do this, please open a ticket at our helpdesk.

  • How can I customize the notification emails?
    As an Enterprise customer, you can modify the email subject prefix (e.g. [BIGCO-HELPDESK] as well as the email footer.